They can give you quite a flashy display

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They can give you quite a flashy display

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Understanding the controls in any video game is very important. In fact, I usually recommend jumping in to a non-competitive game for just about any video game first to figure out the controls. Learning in the heat of an intense game is never easy.These controls are what you need to learn 2K MT at the most basic level of the game. Even though they areconsideredbasic, there is still some finesse required to use them optimally. Timing when, how long and where to press each button, aim your joysticks and hold each button is something that will come with practice.

I personallytry to avoid using the basic pass buttons as much as possible. When it comes to running offensive sets, I am prettyparticular about who I pass to at any point in time. As such, I am ready to always use the Icon Pass button before selecting which teammate I fire a pass to. Experienced players know exactly what I mean when I talk about the frustrations of an errant pass to a teammate far away when you clearlywanted to dump the ball to your veryclose by teammate.As for shooting, whether that be a layup or 3-point jumper, this will take lots of practice. Players with higher attributes in scoring are usually more forgiving on your shooting bar timing. In general, a bar will appear by your player when you go to shoot. The bar will fill up and you will want to release the shoot button when the bar is at its fullest. Doing so will result in a perfectly timed shot and a higher chance of the ball going in to the hoop.

Releasing late or early will lower your odds.Dunks & Alley-OopsAlley-oops are another enjoyable way to score. They can give you quite a flashy display, and, if done well, especially in MyCareer mode, you can earn a lot of VC from them. To start an Alley-oop, setting up the alley-oop is the most important. To do this, you need to be somewhatinside the paint, and have yourself off on the side of the basket. You justneed to double-tap the Y/△ button, and move your left joystick in a direction to pick the receiver for the pass. if done correctly, you get a very nice poster dunk thatyou helped to set up.Don’t trust your teammates enough to alley-oop to them? Then take it into your own hands. Dunking can get you some serious fans, as well as possibly get a few points in.

But, dunking can be a bittricky, as you need to take into consideration your player’s dominant hand. To start a dunk, move towards the basket in a hopefully open lane, and hold down RT/R2 as you move with the Left joystick. As you move, shift the right joystick either right or left. So, if you’re driving on the right side of the basket Buy 2K19 MT, it may be more advantageous to move the right joystick to the right so that your dominant right hand can make the basket.View post on imgur.comAs seen in the above video, the shot is not timed quite right. In the right box at the top of the screen, it shows that the shooter is "open" from coverage. This would lead one to believe the shot should easily go in. However, the early release of the shot makes the shot miss off to the side. This is something to be aware of in open shooting situations.

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Re: They can give you quite a flashy display

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