I know there are a great deal

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Re: I know there are a great deal

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Having three sons, I ordered a portable basketball hoop for our driveway for them for Christmas. It was on sale and a real bargain and the price included delivery and set-up.

What I did not realize is that the delivery done on Christmas Eve! I thought maybe it would be delivered and I would have to arrange later for set-up. But no, the box was delivered and two guys opened it and set the whole thing up.

That meant in the morning, after Santa had visited, a fine looking basketball hoop stood in our drive for our sons to enjoy. (We kept the kids from looking out the windows on that side of the house so it remained a secret until Christmas morning.)

I think that was the greatest bargain I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

The company was The Sports Authority by the way.

Thank You


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