Heroes of the Storm can be one of the most varied and exciting 5v5 competitive games

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Heroes of the Storm can be one of the most varied and exciting 5v5 competitive games

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If the variety is the salt of life, Heroes of the Storm is the ghost pepper of the genus MOBA. The recognizable characters of Blizzard's most iconic games face each other on thematic maps with unique objectives that serve as lightning rods for team battles. Heroes of the Storm also adopts a more simplified and accessible approach to gender that challenges MOBA trends by implementing an optimized talent system and shared team experience. It does not always work, but when it's at its best, Heroes of the Storm can be one of the most varied and exciting 5v5 competitive games.

This is a MOBA with all the features of a game produced by Blizzard: a striking art style, responsive controls and a lot of things to do to unlock. But most importantly, Heroes of the Storm Boosting is distinctive because it is willing to kill some of the sacred cows of the genre to make its mechanics easier to learn and its coincidences to flow differently.

Each person in the two teams of five people selects a hero to play as, and each of their maps (called battlefields) has waves and bases controlled by AI controlled by a series of towers, but upon closer inspection they have less in common with League of Legends and Dota 2 what it looks like. From the first moments of a Storm Heroes combat, you are doing something completely different: because you do not have to kill minions to win gold (in fact, there is no gold or elements to worry about) there is less to bet if you leave your lane to help an ally in a bind. While staying in the lane soaking up the experience is important, there were many occasions when moving around the map to help teammates was an equally useful play.

Another distinctive design option that works in favor of Heroes of the Storm is its wide variety of maps, a welcome change of pace in a genre known to focus on a single sports map. Each of its 14 maps is based on a unique mechanics that moves the fight from the lanes to a special objective that becomes the focal point of each game. It is mechanically and thematically fun to run around a well-tended garden collecting seeds to grow a giant vegetable monster for my team to pilot in the Garden of Terror, or to fight alongside angels and demons on the map of the Battlefield of Eternity. with the theme Diablo. HotS Boost offers something special in both aesthetic and game style, which makes things feel fresh even after playing more than a hundred hours.


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