We have a issue with RuneScape

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We have a issue with RuneScape

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At the options menu, there would be the option to RuneScape gold turn on/off. It would let you attack different players with this choice on. If they didn't have it you should attempt to attack, it would state: This player is currently not battling other players. Knowing this could bring so many flames on mepersonally, I decided I must put this NOW: YOu WILL LOSE NO ITEMS TO THE DEATHS OF PLAYERS. Though, thinking of the simple fact that of dying to other npcs, u wil shed things, but they will not appear to other players. All I need to actually suggest, therefore... bye?

Alright, We have a issue with charms, also there are some issues with buying charms. Anyhow, I was speaking to I choclate ingame once I understood a couple of methods to gain these little trinkets!

About the minigame, it'd be in a town that's the home of summoners. The sport will be like castlewars/duel arena/clanwars. Familiars wouldn't perish from the minigame, but they can perish. Your familiar dieing in the mingame would set you in a waiting area while the game plays out. The rules are, two teams of summoners have to defeat the other group's familiars. Players can not attack each other, and has to utilize their familiars to attack the other team's familiars. When all the familiars on a single team expires, Another team wins. These can be traded for charms, along with other rewards.

Today, of course, if there is gonna become a new town, theres yearning na be new npcs. Also, at level 85 thieving, there would be a few chest that when looted would comprise 3 of each charm, with a 5 second recharge interval. There'll be approximately 3 torso strewn about town.

More concerning the minigame. Title: Summoner battle. Two teams, red team, and blue team. You would find a colored ring around your personality depending upon your team. When 20 players combine each group, there'll be a 2 minute countdown before the match starts. After the game begins, you'll get 5 Spirit crystals, which are utilized to bring your familiar to cheap RS gold full health. The game will last until everyone's familiar dies, or 30 minutes or up.

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Re: We have a issue with RuneScape

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