How Does Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Work

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How Does Semi-Automatic Washing Machine Work

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We all are used to washing machines. We all know different types of washing machines such as fully automatic, front-loading, top-loading washing machines.

Semi-automatic washing machines are one of the most common types of the washing machine in India, as it is also the cheapest type. As the name suggests, it is partially automatic, so it does require some manual effort from your side. Before you wash the clothes, you have to add water to the tub, and then you have to drain that water after the clothes are washed.

The semi-automatic washing machine offers users a partial entry to a washing machine. This is a middle point between handwashing and fully automated washing. It requires partially automatic and some manual effort on the other side. The semi-automated washing machine is less expensive when compared to the fully automated washing machine.

The one advantage of using a semi-automatic washing machine is that it helps in saving water as it does not require continuous water supply for the clothes to be washed. You will be able to operate the washing cycle closely to make sure that it does not make use of more power than needed.

Semi-automatic washing machines are always top-loading. It makes use of two separate tubs, where one is for washing, and the other is for drying.

A semi-automatic washing machine requires human effort and has to keep track of progress as one has to transfer the clothes from one tub to another. The basic principle is the same that the tub keeps moving, after putting the water, detergent and the clothes until the cycle is over and the clothes are clean. After which they are transferred to the drier.

Most of the semi-automatic washing machines are top-loading. The top-loading machine uses an agitator which is at the center of the washbasin and is designed for wriggling the clothes.

Some semi-automatic washing machines have a double unit-layer washtub, outer tub to hold water and inner tub with holes for draining. Other semi-automatic washing machines have two tubs, one for washing and a perforated basket for spin-drying.

The first step is to add the detergent, then the clothes and then enough water at the required temperature and then work through the instructions. After the washing cycle is over, you have to shift the clothes to the drier and add clean water for rinsing and restart the washer. It spins the clothes and drains the water until it is completely dry and clean. The drier uses a centrifugal force that creates pressure to squeeze the clothes to drain the extra water from it.

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