Destiny 2 gameplay is fluid

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Destiny 2 gameplay is fluid

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A brand new seasonal event is live in Destiny 2 Boost. It’s called The Revelry and it will likely be the last major piece of content during the Season of the Drifter. At least it’s the last one listed on Bungie own roadmap for the newest expansion. The first, and biggest, choice a player makes when they first log into Destiny 2 is picking a class. There are three classes in Destiny: Warlock, Hunter, and Titan. Each of these three classes has a different playstyle and abilities. Unlike most RPGs, players aren’t locked into a specific role when picking a class, as Destiny 2 gameplay is fluid enough that any class can offer various benefits both solo and as a team.

Bungie reintroduction of legacy Exotics continues in Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter and none other than the notorious Thorn is coming back. Those from the original Destiny will remember the utter insanity of the Crucible when Thorn came to town. Practically everyone was taking advantage of its powerful perks to two-shot each other, which was both agonising and also ridiculous amounts of fun.

Finishing this part of the quest is pretty easy, and simply requires you to get 10 Legendary or Exotic Engrams. For most Guardians, the quickest way to get those is to wait for a Fallen Public Event in the EDZ and kill as many Challenging yellow-bar enemies as you can. If you’re a truly dedicated Guardian, though, you can also get the Engrams you need by visiting Master Rahool and decrypting 10 Legendary Engrams for a total of 250 Legendary Shards. If you’d rather not spend that many shards, you can also combine both methods.

To trigger the quest you have to travel to the Salt Mines on the northern part of Trostland in the EDZ. This is the location where, if you remember the vanilla story missions, you give Hawthorne the signal transmitter. There is no location indicator, but land in Trostland and head down the tunnel at the far end behind the church. Go until you find a room full of Fallen and approach the elevator, where nearby you’ll have the option to Transmat.

Seasonal events are not a new concept in Destiny. The fall has Festival of the Lost; winter brings The Dawning, last summer was the very first Solstice of Heroes; Valentine Day has Crimson Days. And now the spring season finally its own little bit of themed content. It has The Revelry. Each class features three subclasses which give players different Super abilities. The subclasses have their own skill trees to give players different abilities. Players can create three characters, so they can create one of each class to experience everything Destiny 2 has to offer, but which should players pick Destiny 2 Cheap Boosting first.


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